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Please find below a small selection of our recent direct to media projects. Just clicking on any of the images will show it in more detail.

Torbay Council and Sainburys Street Art Project

This fascinating series of public works of art is on display in Market Street, Torquay and was funded by the local Sainsburys. The sizes of the images on the building were 4m x 4m, 4m x 1.6m, 3m x 3m and 7.5m x 4m. The other ‘see-through’ panels combine old famous views with images from now – a ‘Then and Now’ presentation. The substrate was Dibond mounted onto a timber frame with Perspex panels readable from both sides. This whole project took us just three weeks’ to complete.

Marilene Oliver

The combination of perspex, Rutters’ Perfecta Direct to Media Technique together with the creative talent of Marilene Oliver has resulted in the bringing to life of an extraordinary piece of sculpture. The Client, Radiant Design, provided Rutters with a 1:10 scale model of the torso sculpture, formed from 75 separate pieces. Rutters cut the 3mm thick, 750mm x 500mm sheets of perspex into scaled up versions of each of the 75 pieces which were delivered to the Client ready for assembly.

Thinc Destini

Rob Bryant of Mobas Agency designed a series of images for the reception and boardroom of the London Head Office of Thinc Destini – the financial services group. The digital graphics were printed onto Artist Canvas, stretch-mounted onto 30mm plywood panels and split batten mounted onto the walls. This was the initial installation of 70 panel rollout.


When this world-famous puppet adventure series was transferred to the big screen, diehard fans waited for the result with bated breath – and were not disappointed. Rutters produced the Perspex portraits of the Tracey Island characters displayed on the wall of their HQ.

Other Projects

Here is a compendium of images from some of the other direct to media projects we have worked upon.